Rework Services

Advanced SMD inspection and rework from people who understand that 99% is not good enough

Advanced SMD Rework

Norway Labs offers complex component-level SMD repair and re-work services with our Air-Vac system. Our ONYX29 system allows for:

  • 9 micron placement accuracy (0.0003″) @ 3 sigma
  • 20″w x unlimited maximum board size
  • 0201 removal
  • Fully automated non-contact site cleaning
  • Custom head development for large/complex BGAs

In-house expert operator service.

X-Ray Failure Analysis

Norway Labs is proud to offer new X-Ray services for our customers. Our new Nordson DAGE Jade FP allows for:

  • <0.95μm feature recognition
  • 29″ x 22.8″ maximum board/sample size
  • Up to 65° oblique views

In-house service, operator-assisted, and block pricing available.

Quality Soldering

Each component we solder is inspected for voids or shorts.

In-house service, operator-assisted, and block pricing available. Contact Us for details and availability.

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Rework Consultation

Norway Labs is proud to offer rework consultations. Consultations can include:

  • a discussion about the viability of a project
  • analysis of a failure and theorized solution
  • techniques to ensure functionality

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about our rework process. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please fee free to contact us by clicking the contact button at the bottom of this page or give us a call at (503) 924-5846.

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Can I get X-Ray Photos?

Yes, we can provide you with photos our x-ray machine is able to capture. All photos will be sent electronically.

What is your turnaround time?

We average a 1 week TAT though exceptions can occur

Can you rework leadless components?

Yes, we are able to rework leadless components. Due to the complexity of reworking leadless components, your job might take slightly longer than typical.

If I have a specific type of solder can you use that?

We are happy to use customer provide solder or solder paste

How much is this service?

We charge $250 an hour for our services, though for longer projects we are willing to discuss pricing.

How reliable is this?

If you provide tests for us to be able to conduct in our lab, we are happy to test the viability of the rework.